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Monday, December 21, 2009


Most small spaces condo owners have a dilemma if they should decorate their space for holidays or not. If you celebrate Christmas, you know that Christmas decorations warm up our spaces during the most festive season of the year. You also know that it will make your space a bit more crowded but you still can’t help it and add a few decorations. While real Christmas trees are not allowed in many of the new condos (as they pose a fire hazard), there are plenty of décor ideas that should make your space look “holiday ready”. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukah, this season should mostly be a season filled with sparkle, warmth, happiness, love and joy...
The first area is your FRONT DOOR and FOYER AREA: as small as that space is, you can place a wreath on the front door and you can find place for a mirror with a shelf placed right underneath where you can place some festive candles and voila, it already feels festive. Depending how large the foyer is, you may choose to group some of your holiday cards here.

One of the tricks of decorating a small space is to keep a color palette uniform throughout. We will talk about color trends for 2010 in the first weeks of the New Year, but before then keep in mind that the smaller the space it is the simpler the color choices should be. If you are planning to mix lights and hanging ornaments, try using one color throughout or max 2 colors, depending on the number of colors used for the furniture and furnishings you already have in the space.

Once you enter in the KITCHEN/DINING/LIVING open space (most common for many of the condo layouts) you should be able to see the decorations as a focal point in the space if you use a Christmas tree or as an accent used throughout the space. Another trick for making your condo space holiday ready is to group the decorations close together and create hot spots, for example: if you have a console table that could be a feature, or an end table in the corner of the living room, even better a fireplace area (regardless is a traditional one with a mantle or a wall mounted feature).

Lights are very important for holiday decoration as they add that sparkle that makes the entire space look festive. You can work wither with various candle holders or even decorative Christmas trees like this one from Crate & Barrell  
In the dining area, place center pieces with either a bowl filled with glass decorations and lights, or candles or other décor elements but keep in mind the color scheme.

As noted in a previous blog related to small condos spaces, working with height is probably one of the easiest ways to make the space look larger. Use a tall but narrow Christmas tree, if you use a wreath - accessorize it with long ribbons or greenery hanging down. If you use center pieces for the dining table or even an accent piece for the bar counter, play with the height so they make a statement in the space.
For more Christmas decorations inspirational ideas, let’s see how Martha Stewart is decorating her home!
And the most important trick, is to keep your space filled with JOY & LAUGHTER. I assure you that among all other tricks and tips, these two will make the most of your festive season. May the spirit of the holidays warm your heart and home...
Watch this for a good start :)

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