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Monday, January 11, 2010

Top 5 Design Trends for 2010

Today, condo dwelling defines the cutting edge of urban living. Like everything else condominiums have had an interesting evolution in development and design (cutting edge and green design being the driving force). Condominiums developed over the past few years include large amenities spaces like recreation rooms, pools, banquet rooms, cyber lounges, roof top patios, theatres, indoor gym courts all for the use of residents.

The design of our living spaces has evolved in a synchronized tandem with everything from industrial design, automobile design, fashion design and with gadgets design.

"It was the best of times it was the worst of times. A look back at the last ten years in the design world reveals 14 moments where design changed the way we interacted with technology, culture, sustainability, and ourselves." Read further...

There are many design trends for 2010, all very interesting as they are a result of the design evolution of everything else around us including a new thinking that includes sustainability.
I personally think it’s time to focus more on creating a personality for our spaces and to embrace individuality. When it comes to condominiums units, we should definitely try to have our own design that not only suits our lifestyle but helps creating it. Here is a scoop of the design trends for 2010 as shown in Condo Guide magazine January- February 2010 edition.

1. Eco conscious designs will become more affordable thus more people will embrace the idea and go for sustainability when choosing finishes, furniture and even a house or a condo- as showcased by the Award Winning Design for Spring at Minto Gardens Model Suites.

2. Mix of low end and high end- people will try to bring authenticity in their home designs with accessories and one-of-a-kind items, combining used, classic and contemporary pieces.

3. A combination of elegant and high-tech will be a recurring theme that will last well beyond 2010, with luscious patterns and textures used for d├ęcor complemented by high tech systems nicely hidden behind the walls.

4. The entire palette of white & grey tones will become the neutrals and the base for our overall color schemes, but they will have hot colors sprinkled as accents like magenta, orange, yellow, turquoise, violet and their softer versions of pale pink, papaya and fuchsia, aqua, lavender. Also rich tones of greens like moss green will be part of the summer designs like white and moss green designs.

5. It will be an eclectic look when it comes to pattern trends, from vintage floral Japanese textiles to Moroccan, Indian and South American motifs, all combined with different fabrics like taffeta, coated canvas, cotton, thick linen, laces, voile, fine tulle and embroideries. I think layering different textures of similar, if not identical colors will be an interesting way to accessorize a home but also an outfit.

Design has a way of shaping people’s lives, their feelings, their emotions and their behavior. Our life is created and continuously shaped by us, by our stories about what we see, what we think, what we see and how we feel.

The global influences are seen in almost every aspect of interior design. Although most people only see the resulting design feature, global design has roots in many years of historical reference. We have a more design savvy public with a fierce appetite for renovation and decor. Technology plays definitely a big role in the design developments of the past decade and will become stronger in the next decade, and not just in architectural or interior design but in all areas of design. We’ll explore this area in more details in a future post. We have interesting times ahead....

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