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Monday, January 18, 2010


Technology plays definitely a big role in the design developments of the past decade and will become stronger in the next decade, and not just in architectural or interior design but in all areas of design.

Home energy management system- Home dashboard concept- atom based device that provides relevant and detailed information on the overall consumption of energy.

The Intel® Atom™ processor is the heart of a low-power embedded computing panel designed to exchange monitoring and control data with smart appliances, smart plugs, smart electric utility meters and sensors located throughout the home.

The concept design is a central control center that provides family members with information to help them plan their daily activities, control utility costs, access personal messages and activate home security systems.

When you’re able to monitor and control data with smart appliances, smart plugs, smart electric utility meters and the sensors located throughout your phone, your home will certainly become more energy efficient.

This is something that can definitely help you upgrade your condo unit. I see the implementation of this system more feasible if developers are incorporating it in one of the upgrade packages. There are already many new developments that are offering similar energy management systems in the new high rise developments and this is definitely a feature that will increase the value of your condo.

Intelligent home energy management proof of concept- explore the demo

There are lots of people who are constantly searching for all the new gadgets that help make our lives more comfortable, but there are certainly lots of people who enjoy to be in control of everything around their home and not let a “robot” control their lives- here’s an example of how our homes and lives can be fully controlled by these new devices. Watch this

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