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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Many of you are asking me the question: why are condo units so small? Well, the answer comes easy- becomes there is a demand for small units in certain real estate markets. There are many single professionals who are out for the most of the day and don’t spend too much time at home, however they need a place close to work and definitely they want to reap the rewards of ownership.

What I can tell you for sure is that the quality of a living space does not depend on the size, there are many ways you can have all the elements and all your condo design indeas integrated so perfectly that you can even tell how small the space is.

Italian home furnishings brand Poliform and their kitchen design brand Varenna have developed an inspirational site that showcases their products and the possibilities of small spaces.
It is called My Life in 80m² — that's aprox. 861 square feet — is a beautiful collection of photos and design ideas that maximize functionality and that are intertwined with one’s life style and manage to fill the space with the right mood. There are countless possibilities of living in a small space, but the idea is that a great, meaningfull life lived in the right place at the right moment is worth more than an empty life lived in a large space.

PS: you can manage the site by watching the video presentation first and then disengage the "auto" function and manually progress through the site to see the project details including floor plans. Poliform makes beautiful storage pieces and I absolutely love the simplicity of the Varenna kitchen that includes integrated appliances, a tuck-away fume hood and space for recycling.

Remember that one of the best features in a condo is a well designed and well equipped kitchen and recycling and storage are one of the functions that will be emphasized in the new decade (Yes! 2010 is the gate to a new decade, can you believe it?)

While Poliform could be considered a pricy alternative for some buyers, the My Life in 80 Square Meters website helps to demonstrate that you can create a luxurious living space by knowing how to carefully select few key pieces, so it’s all about quality and not quantity, especially when living in a small space.
Check out My Life in 80 Square Meters for the complete list of Poliform and Varenna brand furnishings.

Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a Happy New Year!
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