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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The idea of living "green" is clearly gaining ground these days.

In all aspects of your life, all of your actions, you may see things as beneficial or detrimental to the environment, or the ECO-logical system; we all live in that system and respecting it is really respecting ourselves. One way of being environmentally friendly is by using the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, and recycle),

The term environmentally friendly also means not harming the earth in production but also giving back to the earth in the process.

Talking about eco furniture- here is a company that didn’t have to go far to find its resources for eco furniture but instead they had to go deep into Venice waters.
 Briccole Venezia, this eco-friendly furniture design company is a part of the larger project wherein designers are instructed to use reclaimed wood from Venice’s waterways. Each uniquely designed piece of furniture of Briccole Venezia is made of boards cut from the post. Since using a reclaimed material, each piece is unique and can truly add personality to any condo space, small or large.

“Wood can be a planning obsession; solid wood belongs to architect’s “being able to do” before being a sort of imprinting for our design, for the Made in Italy, generally speaking.’ And being trained as an architect, I cannot agree more.
“Obtained from the original shape of the mooring post of the briccola, this stool represents the “basic” element of the “Briccole di Venezia” collection. The trunk is sectioned and smoothed at both ends whereas the vertical surface was expressly kept just as the sea had shaped it.” says Davide Riva. See how this amazing line of furniture is created…

When considering your condo design style, why not consider adding one eco piece of furniture or even designing around it and make it an accent that stands out and adds warmth to your space.

The key to living green is to just remember to take care of the earth in the same way we take care of ourselves, of our homes, working spaces, cars, streets etc. It is the new eco conscious YOU.

Our actions affect our eco-system. Other than light and heat, practically everything created on Planet Earth is destined to remain here. Common sense, a heavy dose of skepticism about product claims, and a desire to leave the world better than you found it are all the tools you need.

When looking for a condo, many of us consider ONLY the ones with a sustainable design. How about you consider decorating your new space with at least one item that is eco friendly? Why not start with your furniture? Make note of it next time you go shopping for furniture….until then, remember the 3R’s….reduce, reuse, recycle.

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