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Monday, February 8, 2010


Talking about small condo spaces, where were we? Ah, let me guess…you moved in and your space seems smaller than you thought. No need to panic, there are always solutions. As I pointed out before, each space is different because it is personalized by the person using the space has certain needs, design ideas, existing furniture to work with + each small space is different even if the layout is the same- did you read the post "3 IMPORTANT FACTORS TO CONSIDER BEFORE BUYING A SMALL SPACE "? you can review it here…

Here are few more ideas that will help you bring style and comfort to your small space:

1. Layer the walls- use built in bookcases or shelves, then place furniture in front of them, use built-ins as a backdrop for art & photos.

2. Don’t be afraid of accent dark colors. A darker accent wall works well in a small space and creates a focal point, making the room feel bigger. Color can be a great tool. You can use it to energize a room, or create a soothing space. You can use it to make a personal statement which is otherwise hard to do when you have little room to stretch with decoration. Color can carve our distinct areas in a small space.

3. Light the room with track light and accent lights in the corner (table lamps or freestanding)- they appear light and will lighten up the corners.

4. Create thematic groups of favourite accessories, photos and artwork to add interest and depth to a small room.

5. Arrange your furniture to optimize space and traffic flow in your space. Functional is critical you have to be able to move around the space or it becomes claustrophobic. Furniture that can work in many settings where space saving is crucial to overall design.
It's great to see a fresh design that is multifunctional where the furniture can serve more than a singular purpose.
Multifunctional furniture is in constant development, it is interesting to watch how the manufacturers are following the “green” approach, as mentioned before, green with a consciousness is a big trend for 2010!

The flexible chair
This chair, created by the FlexibleLove furniture company, converts from seating one person to up to 16 people! Made from 100% recycled paper and wood waste, it is perfect for both small and large spaces.

If we can change the size of the furniture, why not change the size of the light fixtures? Watch this video showcasing the “Size changing lamp”.

Dining areas- I know, most small condo spaces don’t have a well defined dining area as the open space sometimes challanges if to use a smart design approach. But assuming entertaining is one of the main functions of your space, it is interesting to watch if furniture manufacturers will come up with a smaller version of this Expanding table.

Until next time….enjoy your living space.
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