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Friday, April 2, 2010


I do not know about you, but traveling to Europe is one of my favorite trips. To me Europe and North America are so different from many points of view and yet somewhat similar, but one of the things I love the most when traveling to Europe is the buzz of Old central historical areas with truly amazing old architecture, interior design and of course fashion design.
London, Paris, Rome, Prague and many other old European cities have such a charming way of combining old and new and creating a synergetic timeless designs.

Most of my residential clients think they do not know what is their personal design style, but after having our first meeting and discussing their interior design needs and wants, they discover their unique eclectic style.

Personally I think this is a design style that we all evolve two at some point in life, we collect so many beautiful pieces of art, accessories, lighting, furniture etc that are not always matching and that's because when we find a piece of art that we absolutely love, there is an emotional connection, we have two have it because we love it so much, it send us a message and it creates emotion.

Artwork for our living spaces space is not something we buy because it matches the walls color, as the matter of fact some time we match the wall colors to our art collections.
Everytime I am in Europe my main goal is to find all the new buildings that were built in the past year as well as catch up with the latest buzz in fashion design, hotel design and everything else related to interior design and architecture.

I spend my time equally looking for the latest shoes, clothing and accessories trends as well as in light fixtures and furniture design.

If you love the blend of old and new, you may find the eclectic look quite attractive as it adds personality to our spaces and makes them one of cheek.

After walking in London all day, I have so many design ideas that could be used for any space, but especially condo units. Here are the main trends currently popular in European design.

1.When it comes to selecting a style, the word is "MIX" - mix old and new, light and dark, shiny and matte, white, black and color And do it in a way so it does not Confuse someone who walks into the space. What do I mean by that? When you walk into a space for the first time (let's say a small or a large condo space) your eyes will be drawn to the most 3 to 5 important pieces in the room. It could be the color of a wall, a piece of furniture and a light fixture, usually there are few stronger elements that will attract your eye. If each of these pieces are part of the same design language, style, colors, textures, finishes, they will look like they work together and they will bring the rest of the room's elements together, so the entire space will look and feel consistent.

2. LESS IS MORE. We all like to collect items because they represent memories we do not want to let go, however at times it is helpful two let go of some of our past and make space for more present and future. No, you do not have two throw out furniture and artwork, but carefully go through everything present in the room, from books, accessories two throw pillows, slip covers and furniture and select those necessary items. You can easily change old picture frames, throw pillows covers and even reupholster armchair one if you wish two keep them.

3. PERSONALIZE YOUR SPACE. Add something that relates only to you, your life, memories and everything of value to you. You have to agree that life changes people, we change how we dress, how we talk, where we work, but our core remains the same, we constantly keep and add to our core values. Make it a habit that every year you go to the most beautiful memories of the year that just ended and capture it one way or another-It could be a series of photographs that you will frame and place in your home office, or maybe just a New paint color that reminds you of your best holiday you took last year. It does not matter what it is, just pick something and use it in your personal décor of your own space called "home".

For a taste of condo apartments design in London, watch the below movie and get a feel for that infusion of european flair that works for either a penthouse interior design or a small space.

On my way to Denmark...stay tuned!

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