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Sunday, April 25, 2010


If every piece of furniture in your condo is multifunctional, you could live in a 500 sq.ft condo one bedroom and feel like you live in a 2 bedroom unit! because you can have everything you need for a comfortable condo life style.

Many people are choosing not to have formal dining furniture if they don’t entertain at home, so why not creating a comfortable seating area instead of having a dining area and be able to convert the coffee table to a dining table. This is the main advantage of open spaces!

This is what the Lift coffee/dining table does- The hydraulic lift table allows this sleek glass option to transform from coffee table height to dining height at the touch of a lever. A small space friendly option, it provides the owner flexibility without the need for multiple pieces. Not a big fan of stainless steel and glass? There are plenty of solutions, like the wood veneer option from the picture on the right side.

One reader sent her questions regarding her condo space design, one of the most frequent dilemmas is “ the den should be a spare bedroom for guests, however I don’t want the den to have the appearance of a bedroom”.

The solution is: make your den look like a seating/ conversation area, or a family room where you could have a comfortable sofa bed, a coffee table or upholstered ottomans, a shelving unit and the tv, that pull out sofa can become your second bed but Only for when guests come over.

And the trick is to tie in that seating/conversation area furniture with your living room furniture so your living area will appear much larger and the overall open space will have a more cohesive look

When it comes to shelving units, some condo owners prefer to have flexibility and create and recreate their shelving unit based on many factors. Asolo shelving unit- A total of three pieces can be combined for this unit, and can also be used individually.

Using floating box dividers the shelving space can be completely customized to suite the needs of each individual and further allows the unit to be double sided (could function as a room divider). Asolo is available exclusively at casalife.

If you think about it, many of us don’t spend enough time at home during the day, so the question “what do I need more space for?” is one of the most common among young couples or singles who spend most of their day out and about.
However, when at home we all want to be able to spend time alone as well as entertain family and friends and have all the space for extra bedding, blankets, dinnerware that are only used when we have guests staying over night.

Multifunctional furniture can make a small space feel like a castle!

“We want to show people that once you apply a little ingenuity and know-how, the den is full of options and possibilities.” says Rob Whitfield, owner of casalife.

At every interior design show, there are few companies who catch the visitors like honey catches bees. As designers, we try to understand what people need and come up with design concepts that translate into products that make their life easier. This is how few of us had the opportunity to design multifunctional pieces of furniture that will answer some of the questions one might have about multifunctional furniture in small condos.

What if you have a credenza that has a wine storage incorporated in it, shelving and drawers for storage and can also accomodate a desk unit? From prototype to the final product!

casalife designers cleverly transform a den into sexy computer rooms and sleek home offices that integrate second bedrooms and offer surprising storage options.
“We want to assist people, offering them the chance to become an educated and confident consumer and give them complete reassurance about the best way maximize their space” says Rob Whitfield.

Watch City TV presentation of all custom furniture designs right here!
(all images courtesy of casalife)

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