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Sunday, April 18, 2010


The first thing I noticed while travelling in Europe is the abundance of COLOR! From fashion to furniture to lighting and interiors, the infusion of color is so strong it can’t be ignored.

For some people adding paint color to their condo interiors is a real adventure. 

Some designers have been trained to believe in the safe palette of beige on beige with beige accents, and while this combination could create very classic tone on tone interiors, some of us would like to spice it up.

The safest way to add colors in a condo small space is to insert accents of the same color but maybe in different tones, like in this image.

A punch of color is always going to give you a dynamic interior as your eyes will travel from one accessory to another and quickly understand the story behind the design concept.

Another way to add color is to use a focal wall, the wall that should be noticed first upon entering the room.

There are many tools that can help you visualize colors before actually painting, one example if the personal color viewer from Benjamin Moore, click here…

Another great tool is from ICI paints, click here to find out how it works…

Before you start choosing colors, you need to define what color means to you and what is the general feel you are trying to create for a room, make sure to review the 5 tips for choosing paint colors for your condo. Don’t forget that the same color used in two identical condo units with different orientations will look different in the day light!

Thank you for sending your questions about how to choose paint colors! The answers to each question will be detailed in our condo design report (email us at to receive your free copy!).
For now keep in mind these 2 very important factors to consider when selecting paint colors for your condo:

1. Small spaces can be painted in dark colors or light colors! You have to keep in mind that dark walls need light color accessories, artwork and especially lighting placed in front of them though.

2. Find your own source of inspiration, go through interior design magazines and find an image that has the color you’re looking for and use it. You don’t have to use the design concept from that image, just the fact that a color resonates with you is a good enough reason for adding it to your personal living space.

Have you ever wondered what the meaning of color is and what does the color say about you? Color choices represent our emotional side, whether you realize it or not...

Red… is a stimulating color with the strongest emotional response. Different tones of red can have a different impact on your emotions, luscious red is exciting, deep brick reds like terracotta bring warmth and could be an understated classic look, cherry red is romantic and energetic. Red may increase passion, but also aggression, anger, and restlessness.

Orange… brings enthusiasm into a room, orange is fun and youthful. Darker tones of orange like brick orange bring warmth and could be paired with earth tones, lighter tones of orange can be whimsical and it conveys a sense of quickness mind and body. Orange can stimulate your appetite, so knowing which color is the best choice for your kitchen is very important!

Yellow…don’t you always think of sunshine when thinking of yellow? Bright, optimistic and upbeat are the vibrant tones of yellow. There are softer yellows that can be comforting and easy on the eyes, and go well when creating subtle color combinations. Yellow generally combats gloom and fatigue and enhances communication, learning and changes your mood in a second.

Green…is relaxing, soothing, comforting. Green brings a feeling of being in the nature if in soothing earth tones, while darker tones bring a more conservative, traditional look to a room. The color of harmony and control it exudes prosperity and well being. Depending on the tone chosen, you can create a cool fresh mint look so perfect for refreshing and restorative spaces like a bedroom!

Blue… describes loyalty and honesty, the tones of blue sky and blue water denote integrity. Used in bedrooms in a cool blue gray, baby blue or aqua tone will surely create a peaceful, restful and calming interior. Blue hues lower blood pressure, respiration bringing a sense of peace and serenity. Make sure you choose the right tone though! The darker tones could make people’s complexion look grey under certain lighting.

Purple...calls to mind luxury, spirituality, somberness, royalty. Rich tones of purples and violet can be used in rooms with an elegant feel, paired wonderfully with crystals and soft textures, while light tones of lilac and lavender can be romantic and soothing, depending on what colors and textures is combined with.

Any of these colors can be combined with tones of white, black, charcoal, nutty brown and sandy beige tones and can create that special feeling that draws us home wherever we are…

Here’s what retail color experts say about choosing color, watch this video.


  1. That's such a nice information. I like most Blue colour which describes loyalty and honesty.Thank you so much for this great information.

  2. Hi are very welcome! blue, white a gray is a very trendy color combination, hope more people chose this color :)


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