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Sunday, May 9, 2010


If you still have doubts about being able to build green, it's time to read this!

The Gimnasio Ecológico Lumen is an outdoor gym made of natural products. Branches and roughly cut wood make up the frame of most of the machines, and weights are improvised from recycled containers. The gym, based in Valdespino de Somoza, was built in 2005 and includes parts salvaged from bicycles and boats. Here are some of the ideas our gym creator had...

“I made this work of totally artisan form: nothing electrical nor mechanic. My tools were the hammer, the axe, the large drills, the mountain range and the tip, in addition to my humble knowledge as professor of Physical education. “

This peculiar gymnasium, that was born of the nature, will return to her, Mother NATURE.

Want to see all pieces of equipment? Click here for a full presentation.

And...there is always another way. This gym would be a perfect fit for all green condos!

PEOPLE'S POWER GYM - the first green microgym!

"Much of our gym is already retrofitted to send electricity back to the building, and yours can be too!"

The Green Microgym provides a comfortable and effective workout space that also strives to be self-sustaining. They have developed an environment wherein we can reduce our total carbon emissions by 60% while still maintaining a first-rate, state-of-the-art gym facility that provides our members with a great workout experience. Big results. Small footprint.

"The most unique thing about our gym is that the actual energy of the members helps power the building"


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