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Monday, May 3, 2010


Like people have different personalities, so do spaces. Some people are open and communicative, some are more reserved and wait to be discovered. Some like bright paint colors, some like neutral tones. Some love entertaining at home, some prefer to keep their home space personal. Some love to change the colors every year, some can enjoy the same design for several years. Some like neat spaces, some don’t care where things are as long as they can find them. And believe it or not, as designers we can sometimes walk into a space and define the person that lives there!

So why not define yourself first.

How are you most of the time? Are you a social butterfly or are you more private?

One is not better than the other, more desirable or less desirable, they are just simply different.

Homes are tremendously personal spaces.

Working on your living space is similar to working on yourself, you always have to fine tune it, but as long as the base elements are there the rest is easy.
If there is one most important factor that every person should consider when decorating their space is that Interior spaces have a direct impact on creating emotions. And emotions are the generator of our actions!

Here are few questions that will help you first understand your current space or your desired space, write this down:

1- What are the main 3 physical features you would like to see in your space- it could be the size of the space- large or small, the orientation, the location, the height, the openess. Or if you already moved in, write down what do you see first when walking into your space? Is it the sun light, the ceiling height etc.

2- What style would you like for your space? You could say “My style is modern interiors informed by a classic perspective” or “I like understated, calm, natural interiors that help ease the stress of a busy day” or “I like rooms that are elegant, streamlined, eclectic and soulful” or “I like dynamic spaces that lift you up and energize you”.

3- When it comes to furniture, describe what you would like to have in your favorite room. Write down what do you need and why and what do you want and why.

4- How do you define colors? Choose a category: cold or warm, pale or bright, safe or bold. Experimenting with color can make a world of difference in your condo.

5- What would you choose when it comes to selecting what stays and what goes?

Old or new or a mix? And most importantly explain “why”. Are you a taker or a giver- what do I mean by that? Do you like to keep everything you receive or do you keep only what you need?

There are probably more rules when designing than when cooking! Believe it or not, these two are so similar. It is so important to identify the oil and the water in your design because they will never blend! And actually there are many elements that could be considered water or oil. There are colors that don't always look good together, there are different types of artificial lighting that should not be combined, there are textures that don't feel good when placed in the same space.

The space you live in contains more than your belongings, it also contains energy and emotions. If you are unhappy in your space, one explanation is that the energy inside is blocked.

Learn to let go of past and embrace the present and the future. Start with who you are today when designing your condo space, just taking the design done in your neighbors’ condo may not do much for your space but most importantly may not do anything for your soul.

Don't forget- your Condo Space is all about You!

…and, what a great take on “The three ways that good design makes you happy” by Don Norman, watch it here:

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