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Monday, May 31, 2010


This may be just for the ladies…how can you not notice all the design details in every equence of the Sex and the City 2? If you’re looking for interior design trends and inspirational spaces, go see the movie! It’s all in the details…the colors, patterns, textures, lighting, furniture, fashion, artwork everything is so design forward!
As seen in Elle Décor, Photographer: Craig Blankenhorn captured some of the best images from the SATC2.
Sex and the City Movie Set Design – Movie Set Design

Here are my main 5 design take away tips and ideas that can be used for small and large condo spaces:

1. Wallpaper- looking for a wall accent to create big drama in a small space? Wallpaper is the answer. You can add color, pattern, texture, sparkle and create that Wow look! Always consider adding artificial lighting close to the wallpaper for a different look from morning to evening. Texture and pattern rich spaces are IN.

2. Artwork- large & colorful they make a bold statement. When placing art on the wall behind the sofa there should be a dialogue between the size and the color of the two. SJP’s old apartment showcases a wall of art- all different sizes, placed either horizontally or vertically but what’s important is that all fames work together and create a unique art collection that emphasizes the height of the space by being aligned with the width of the headboard.

3. SJP playfulness and fabulous style is inspiring her fashion and furniture choices. When designing your condo, take a look at your wardrobe- find your own style and have fun with it! When shopping for furniture and furnishings we tend to gravitate towards our own personal fashion styles in either colors, patterns, textures or just the overall look.

4. Mix and match- nothing is matchy matchy, it seems that eclectic design is best when rules don’t exist and yet everything goes together- that’s where you have to put all interior design books on the side and have fun designing your space!

5. When on vacation find your design inspiration! get design ideas from every place you visit, from hotel rooms to restaurants, lounges, patios, every single space can show you design tips if you look around you. Make your holiday a true retreat by choosing hotels where you find the interiors that will inspire you to design your own condo. There are so many amazing designed spaces all over the world, so pick a place where you can check out all the details- Yes, it’s all in the details!

Click here to see Elle Decor's Stylish Interiors from "Sex and the City 2".

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