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Monday, June 28, 2010


When kitchen showrooms open their doors at Merchandise Mart in Chicago, they sure know how to impress! This year’s Neocon showcased again top manufacturers in the kitchen and bath industry. From cutting-edge contemporary designs to traditional designs blended with today’s world of technology, kitchen showrooms were packed with a wide range of great design ideas. While proper space planning, finishes & appliances selection could solve many kitchen dilemmas, two companies caught my eye for their strong design message which I believe is the key to any successful design.

Poggenpohl Porsche Design Kitchen P’7340 "Made in Germany"- in Poggenpohl's eyes “stands for a level of quality which provides inspiration throughout the world.” As the oldest kitchen brand in the world, Poggenpohl infuses any kitchen design with a clear message: “The essence without compromise: Passion. Performance. Purism. Precision.”

Launched two years ago, this kitchen  catches your attention with just few elements you notice right when you walk in: it's unique shape, high quality finishes, seamless execution- a simple definition of “sleek”. “In various formats and individual additions, several frames create a modular system that permits a wide range of different uses.”

Luxury based on its purity: Porsche Design is unique.Those who both design and own Porsche Design products share a common fascination for its properties: The timeless aesthetic. The classic modernism. The hi-tech screen can also be integrated in the kitchen work area. As all of the electronics are installed behind glass, they are protected from dirt and splashes of water. Handleless fronts emphasise the uncompromising aesthetics of furniture. Where handles are needed or preferred, practical aluminum rail handles underscore the kitchen's horizontal lines.”  The appliances are designed without handles – instead, they are operated by a specially developed sensor-activated touch system.

Based on a modular system, there are practically infinite possibilities in creating a custom designed kitchen. Working within a frame is not limiting when there are unlimited possibilities for placing elements within the frame. It’s all about creativity- click here to explore more of Poggenpohl Porsche design Kitchen.

When it comes to custom kitchen designs many of my clients welcome ideas based on a mix of modern and classical vocabularies. I found more than I expected in the showroom of Chicago-based De Giulio Kitchen Design, founded in 1984 by kitchen interior designer, Mick De Giulio. “De Giulio’s distinctive compositions are inspired by cultural influences and technology, and combine an experienced sensibility to craft, fine detail, and classic proportion.” While some traditional kitchen designs tend to look old school, De Giulio approaches space design in an equally classic, inventive and focused on finely detailed craftsmanship. Few elements worth a close look are:

- flexible sink- workspace and sink locations can be customized with sliding teak cutting boards and a series of teak accessories, including knife racks, a drying rack and a colander. When condo spaces come with limited kitchen spaces, using kitchen design ideas to maximize space and introduce multifunctional surfaces prove to be a sturdy investment.

- Paneled doors for the entire cold area of the kitchen- the Apothecary cabinet- what a great detail! you wouldn’t even know that behind this uniquely crafted cabinet door there is a fridge & freezer and while glass doors have been used in other kitchen designs, mirrors have been carefully introduced to kitchen spaces previously.

-Connect your living space with your kitchen space! Afterall kitchen serves dual function, it is no longer the place where we only prepare meals but it’s where family and friends come together, today's kitchen space is the receptacle of multiple functions. While condo spaces have a variety of layouts, the idea of blending the kitchen area with the living area (perhaps the den or family area) is one of the best take aways from this amazing display!

- mosaic tiles countertops- yes! mosaic tiles can be a great feature for any size working surface- it adds detail, sparkle and a great match for the glass tiled backsplash.

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