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Monday, July 5, 2010


While adding a new bathroom to your house or renovating an existing bathroom has an estimated payback of 92%, renovating your condo bathroom could be quite costly if not done properly and professionally and the payback is not always guaranteed. Choosing the wrong tiles or showing outdated plumbing fixtures can decrease the value of your condo. From contemporary to vintage looks, from small to large rooms, bathroom designs lean more towards the “spa inspiration” theme. Luxurious bathrooms are about more than just style, it’s about comfort and lasting value.

This year Neocon World’s Trade Fair showcased some of the latest design trades for bathrooms. Here are some of the highlights:

Retro style is hot! Shape coordinated vanity and mirror wall mounted on a beautiful installation of large format floral pattern porcelain tiles. Best for bathrooms or powder rooms, unique tile installations are sure to set the tone in creating a certain look as well as that Wow factor when you first walk in.

Integrated glass sinks and countertops best used for small vanities give a sleek look and are probably the easiest to maintain as there are no seams or grooves between the sink and the countertop.

When you choose a very clean and simple look, with a hint of “zen”, playing with the background tiles can add just a touch of detail. Notice the juxtaposition between the horizontality lines of the vanity and mirror cabinet and the verticality of the corner tile detail, a detail well executed in this vignette.

Glass mosaics are one of the easiest ways to add detail to a small condo bathroom. While they become a visual accent for that wall, it’s interesting the play between the linear design of the vanity and the mosaic stripes and the round mirror and over mounted vessel sinks.

If a classic style is more appealing to you, there are many ways to keep a small powder room look and feel luxurious- for example by mixing up same color but different format tiles- like a subway tile, a listello profile and white marble mosaic wall detail. Details are very important when using one color throughout, so make sure your contractor knows how to do a top notch installation.

This year, basin shapes are noticeably softer and look much more organic. When choosing nature as the inspiration, keep consistency of materials, textures and colors in mind and the results can be spectacular!

Clean, sleek, fresh and relaxing- it’s all in the details!

And for the very small bathrooms or powder rooms, colourful irregular sized round glass mosaic could be that one detail that along with a wall mounted above the floor raised vanity can become a design statement.

When buying preconstruction condos look carefully at all the upgrades options as it may be the easiest way to walk into your own luxury bathroom without the hassle of going through a reno.
If you're up for a bathroom renovation though, keep mind few simple rules:
1. Pick a theme first, ideally consistent with the "look and feel" of the other rooms of your condo.
2. If changing the tiles is not an option, pick a wallpaper with a striking pattern.
3. If traditional style is more appealing to you, adding ornated mirror frames works like magic!
4. Choose color coordinated bathroom towels and bath mat. The most budget friendly way to reinvigorate your bathroom. 
5. Add personality to your vanity cabinet by replacing the knobs, make sure they are color and style coordinated with the style of the faucets and towel holders.
Enjoy designing your bathroom,  it's definitely one of my favorite rooms to design!

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