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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

DO's and DON'Ts when choosing AREA RUGS

Most of the time, the area rug is one of the last item on the decorating list, when in fact it should be somewhere on top of your list. Why? Because area rugs can actually set the tone for the look and feel of the entire space. Area rugs could bring personality to a plain room and could even be the only item with a pattern in the room. Some area rugs have such a strong theme that it’s really hard to even try to add wallpaper or printed fabrics anywhere in the room.

“Artisan produced from natural and renewable resources such as wool, silk, and cotton,
W Studio carpets are truly “art for the fifth wall.” What a great quote and how true! We sometimes spend too much time thinking about the walls when in fact, the floor is the first large area you may notice when you walk in. And how can it not be when you could see something like this amazingly beautiful area rugs.

The truth is: I have started designing interior spaces many times by finding a great area rug that had such a strong theme that I had to carry it throughout.

There are many great findings and tips I want to share with you today, so let’s get started:


1. Look for an area rug right when you just planted the seeds of your interior design theme, and work around it. Or simply- choose a color inspiration.

2. Decide which feature will be stronger: the floor or the wall(s) and make your decision obvious for anyone entering the room. You could also opt for all surfaces to be tone on tone with subtle color transitions, make sure to choose the color tones carefully (there are warm and cold hues of each color and mixing them is sometimes a balancing act :))

3. When wool & silk are masterfully intertwined, the result could be truly spectacular. Ensure to see the rug (or images of it) from all directions as the look will amaze you!

4. Have fun selecting the perfect rug! When it comes to kids rooms, sky is the limit, you could forget about the color you originally hand in mind, you will get so many ideas by visiting an inspiring area rug showroom like ModernWeave in Toronto!


1. Don’t be afraid of strong colors for the right room! Whether in your home office or kids room, color could be energizing and mood setting.

2. Don’t get stuck in the traditional rectangular rug shapes and explore all other options like this night sky area rug or this work of art produced by Arzu Firuz 

or nature inspired by area rugs like the pebbles rug from 2 Form- must be really comortable to sit on!

3. Don't try to visually chop an open space- go for visual continuity. When having an open condo space it’s sometimes hard to keep a fluid layout and not have a clear separation, especially when the living area and dining area are not clearly separated (some of you have actually opted for having the dining area furnished as part of the living area too). Not sure where exactly should you place it? have fun with it!

Lacy and Racy is a vinyl laser cut area rug resembling intricate patterns and shapes (the flowerlike Soufi actually incorporates eight individual rugs which can be used separately)

When travelling look for local artisans and at least get details about how they make each rug- I was amazed to see how much manual labour goes into making one rug.
Germany's Jan Kath Design has an interesting collection of rugs weaving techniques of Nepalese and Moroccan craftspeople with his own abstract aesthetic style.
Most area rug retailers offer the option of having a custom rug size with custom colors! So if you have already started your design and are searching to complete the look with an area rug, look for stores where they will create a one of a kind area rug for you.
An area rug is not something you buy every season, so investing in a good QUALITY area rug can be a smart investment.

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