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Monday, August 30, 2010


Live- work condo lofts have gained many condo shoppers interest for many reasons. Ceiling height is definitely one feature that anyone would fall in love with simply because if you compare two identical spaces with different ceiling heights, the higher one will give you a sense of spatiality hard to achieve with a low ceiling.

Some of the new high ceilings loft spaces have two stories spaces, an ideal layout when living & work areas could be on the main level while sleeping areas are located on the top floor.

I am quite impressed by how small lofts owners and designers always find ideas to maximize the space, the height gives you the opportunity to create hidden storage spaces where you expect the least.

One design caught my eye by how it utilizes almost every square inch of its space. The ideal layout for a small open space is the one where circulation corridors, foyer are limited to a minimum so the actual living spaces gain the square footage.

JDPA Architects design team along with the Contractors have transformed this New York East Village Studio of only 500 square feet (46 square meters) space into a nest for the owner who live and work here.

Economy, functionality and privacy were the primary drivers in the design of this sixth floor home office studio. Meticulously detailed millwork provides ample storage, making this small-footprint apartment extremely efficient.”

Great choice of colors and finishes- a mix between high gloss white and natural finish wood, create a cozy yet stylish and fresh looking space. “A bedroom loft creates space for a roomy walk-in closet below, while stair risers conceal a series of built-in drawers.
Every inch of the space has been effectively exploited.” Storage is the first thing I think about when I walk into a small space and this example is truly inspiring.

“JPDA worked closely with their client and a demanding co-op board through every stage of the design process. The result is modern, clean, and concise, providing both the warmth of a home and all the functional requirements of an office.” We know how demanding the condo boards can be, so before you jump into a cool project like this make sure to check your condo documents and see what is it allowed and what not.

I salute the design team and the contractors for an impeccable design and execution. And yes, if I didn’t mention it before, great design lacking in great execution will only give you average results, I’m only talking from experience here. Make sure to do your due diligence before you team up with a contractor, there’s a lot to gain when choosing a good one and much more to lose when not selecting the right company.

JPDA has won the AIA Small Projects Award 2010 for the East Village Studio renovation! The award is granted based on excellence in design, innovation and technical advancements during the design process.

(all images courtesy of JDPA architects)

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