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Monday, September 27, 2010


As much as I love Vancouver, I couldn’t miss Toronto’s IIDEX/ Neocon - Canada’s national Design Expo & Conference. Every year I’m anxious to see what’s new and exciting in this huge world of design from architectural materials to furniture, lighting, sustainable products, finishes, flooring and more.

Each trade show is different from city to city and I honestly never know what will catch my eye first. While I was trying to stop at every single booth, I also wanted to make sure I have enough time to discover and find details about the latest trends in all areas of residential design.

After attending one super cool seminar about 2011 design trends (I will share all the details with you later), I have created a collection of “my favourites” from the show, especially items that can totally change the look of any condo unit.

Condos- from small to large units, from old to new built spaces, there is something you can always do to warm up your space- a fireplace! Costelloe & CompanyThe Fireplace Specialist” can bring lots of warmth into any living space. I particularly like how they captured the essence of living spaces around fireplaces. “Back to basics is back in style. Introducing contemporary, elegant wood burning fireplaces (definetely not for condos!)
that are both highly efficient and eco-friendly. Never before has elegance, quality and warmth been so simple, clean and affordable. There are so many family activites that can be made even more memorable by a roaring fire!

I’m always looking for “wow” pieces for my residential projects and I found few of them at this show, I can’t wait to bring them into a design project.

This wonderful collection of light fixtures comes from Toronto's store called Snob.

The left pendant is called Intricate Ball adds sparkle to any kitchen island OR even to a dining table- picture few of them installed at different heights! and what's great is that they come in different sizes so you can play with them and make your dining area a real focal point. The one to the right can look really interesting if you pair three or five of them.

But there's more at Snob! When furnishing small spaces, it's alwasy easy to use organic shaped items like these pebble shaped coffee tables or this area rug.

When you turn your den into a home office, why not use few pieces of furniture or accessories to add color, texture or just a fun element?! :) the red crocodile skin filing cabinet and this magazine holder are sure to spice up any small space.

And hundreds of innovative area rugs, lighting fixtures and art...and Lightpaintings from acclaimed light artist Stephen Knapp, the Lighting Keynote presenter.

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