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Monday, October 18, 2010


Most open concept condo layouts have a floating kitchen island. There are so many ways to incorporate your kitchen island in the overall design so it doesn’t look like it is part of the kitchen only. Many of the design questions I receive from you are related to kitchen island having a cooktop- how to select a vent hood that doesn’t have the typical rectangular stainless steel shape and becomes part of the overall design of the living space.

Great question I must say! most of the time the kitchen island becomes the focal point of the open space simply because of its shape, size and location.

One of Italy's top kitchen brand for more than twenty years Scavolini Kitchens has many contemporary kitchens where the vent hood looks more like a light fixture and catches your eye for it’s interesting shape and how it is integrated in the actual design of the kitchen.

The ultra modern Boffi kitchens are known for their sleek look and the way they integrate their islands in the overall design. In the Zone kitchen the vent hood disappears behind the design of the bulkhead which accommodates the actual vent and the ductwork required. I love how the different planes intersect and connect the island with the storage unit/seating beside it while making the assembly still look like floating in the open space.

 Elica, a british company specialized in vent hoods from traditional to modern to cutting edge has come up with a myriad of solutions from stainless steel to glass to crystals!

Adagio (the left image), in the closed position is flush with the work surface and looks like it's part of the cook top. The advantage of using it is that it can be entirely incorporated in the design of the island and totally dissapear when not in use.

Legend- the left image (I love how the light is incorporated at the bottom of the stainless steel ring) and Bubble (the right image) stand out on their own with their not so typical shapes.

White stream and Pure Wave are dressed to impress... they certainly look like light fixtures and can effortless warm up the space with, White stream with its wonderful glow given by the white shade and Pure Wave by its pink interior color accent. 

One of their latest designs, Star is definetely going to brighten up any interior. They mixed the trend of crystal chandeliers with their hood system and lighting and voila!

When trying to step away from the rectangular shapes especially in a small condo space, the vent hood over the kitchen island could be the first element to address and why not design around it? When the furniture and furnishings are well paired with the kitchen finishes, the kitchen island will look like a piece of furniture.

Did you find any cool vent hoods?
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  1. When picking vent hoods for your kitchen, make sure that your choice is capable of withstanding the heat of the fumes. A well-placed hood can prevent your kitchen from smelling like used oil after cooking, so always try to choose one which would efficiently remove the smell.


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