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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Fall Home Show in Toronto proved to be one of the most interesting experiences for me personally. While designing condos is something I do every single day (sometimes even on the weekends), I always thought of a way to share with condo owners the most important elements of designing a condo. And this past weekend I had a great opportunity to meet so many of you. Thank you for coming and sharing with me your love for design!

And yes, it’s easier if you have an eye for colors, but the biggest surprise is that color is probably the last item on your “to do condo design” list.

Here’s why: I advocate that designing your space is similar to any other type of design (fashion for example) and while color could be the reason behind any small reno, it shouldn’t be the first element to consider, but it could be your main source of inspiration! Here are few other more important elements to consider before choosing the colors:

1. If this is your condo space- it should reflect your personality and your lifestyle which has a direct impact on the function of every room and the selection of finishes- think of how having pets could influence the selection of floor coverings! But the most important question you should address first is “What do I want my space to say about Me?”

2. Think of Your condo space in 3D- how to look at the floor plan, the height of the space and any interior architectural features present in your condo (any dropped ceilings, drywall bulkheads, heating units, structural walls, existing light fixtures location etc.)- how to hide them or emphasize them so they become features easy to design around?

3. Views- orientation. Facing south vs facing north can have a great impact on the color of your finishes and furnishings. Not all condos have the best view in the city, so why not focus on the interior only instead? This can impact how you place furniture and..very importantly- what is the best window covering for each room.

4. Flooring color and texture- with a wide array of wood flooring it is hard to decide which color and what type of wood will give you the desired outcome- and yet, there are ways to select the flooring IF you have a design theme in mind right from the start.

5. your style- how to discover Your personal design style- we discussed an easy way to figure out what style will connect with your true self!

6. Colors- so many options, very hard to choose! but what the color experts are saying is true! dark neutrals make a big come back (I actually think they never left). So easy to design around a strong neutral color that you would just love to see when you open the door! here are few options from Farrow & Ball paints.

7. 5 tips for small condo spaces: focal elements, multifunctional furniture, think your design theme throughout before you start designing, play with colors, Be Inspired!

8. how to have 5 different looks for one den space! and much more....

If you missed the presentation, send me an email at  and I will send you the “Master your condo space- step by step guidelines”. More importantly, join our condo design lovers community (follow the bee :) and enter your name and email on the right side of the page )and be in the loop with everything condo design related.

I was really touched to see many of my readers being interested in everything "design" oriented. One reader Bella and her website in particular caught my eye as she shares my passion for fashion especially as I think fashion and interior design are deeply interconnected. And if you are still looking for your design style, why not think of your fashion style- yes it could change over the years, so does design!

So far I haven't met a person who’s fashion is at the opposite pole from their personal decor style.

It brings me much joy to be able to share my ideas with you and hope to be able to help you as you go along with your condo design...

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