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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It sure looks like it! I was truly impressed by all the possibilities offered by these glass mosaic tiles for 2 reasons:

1. You can install them on any surface (floors, walls, ceilings- steam showers) and create your own unique design patterns- there are no limitations! Bathrooms- shower floors- this is the perfect solution for creating the required slope to the drain while incorporating your own design.

2. The concept is so unique and versatile and can be used by anyone!

If you are handy and love to try new ideas, this is one worth your time. And I wouldn’t limit the application to only bathrooms or kitchens. Think of dressing up a small foyer or even create a focal wall in the bedroom or living/dining area. Take it even can have fun creating your own accent furniture and jewellery! There are unlimited possibilities!

The Italian company Vetrovivo has introduced a new way of using glass mosaic tiles, unique in the world and above all it opens up so many new design possibilities. Some tiles come even plated in gold or platinum.

"Timeless Luxury Mosaics"

How to create unique designs in a standard 5'x8' condo bathroom? Whether you are renovating your bathroom or just want to spice it up a little bit, these tiles are one great solution! think of the wall accross from the vanity mirror, usually painted...or think of the wall behind the toilet where you could add shelving and create an interesting glass tiles pattern around it, or simply just add the glass tiles if enough storage is provided as part of the vanity cabinet.

Countertops! what a great way of upgrading your countertop!

Bathtub wall is definetely a wall that deserves some attention! With most layouts the long bathtub wall is a great place for any tiles details.

     Bathrooms don't have to be cold and sterile and function driven. They can be extensions of your bedroom or other rooms in your home. Make your bathroom comfortable and cozy and treat it like you would any other room. 

Shower floors-some condos come with a preformed shower pan or with square or rectangular mosaic tile. With Vetrovivo you have so many styles, shapes, colors and patterns you can choose from which allow you to create really interesting designs AND work around the required slope to the drain.
What I like about Vetrovivo is that you don't have to use tiles wall to wall to cover the entire surface with just glass tiles, but you can insert the glass tiles as accent colors after covering the surface with grout and really add just a splash of color exactly where desired.

You can create any patterns you want and use this design solution in lieu of wallpaper, as you can see in the image on the lfet side some glass tiles can even be used as jewellery. Think also fo Christmas tree ornaments, napkin holders or any other decorative idea!

You can actually play online with your creativit and come up with some cool designs, select your own tiles and colors right here.

Interested to find out how to install these amazing glass mosaic tiles? You basically have to skim coat the surface with grout and then insert the glass tiles, however the grout must be of great resistance to water as the exposed grout surface is much larger than in a regular mosaic tile installation. Here are all the installation steps

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