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Monday, November 15, 2010


What I love about lofts is that you can truly create an original space where old meets new without having to worry about matching every piece of furniture. With most condo loft conversions, the beauty of the old interior space plays a major role in the design. Sky is the limit when trying to find ways to design a loft and most of the time the space gives you hints of what is needed. It could be the height, or a beautiful stained glass window or perhaps the concrete floors, wood beams and exposed ductwork that inspires you.

Many condo owners, who are avid travelers or spend the summer at the farm or cottage, are returning to their condo as winter holidays are approaching, just to be together with their loves ones and create wonderful moments together.

Returning from the farm or summer cottage empty handed? Think of incorporating some of the old steel and old wood beams from the barn in creating something unique.

How about “recreating new from old” into a hobby?
Ben and Kate Gatski, possess an uncommon vision-to honor agriculture through art. They established Gatski Metal to design and fabricate unique metal works for indoor and outdoor spaces. They collect parts from farms and farm machinery dealers across Pennsylvania.

Take a look at some of the furniture pieces they have created. Each item would look so interesting not just in an old loft converted into a condo but even in new condo spaces where eco friendly elements become part of your life style.

Beam and Steel table:
"It originated from beams that were rescued from a Pennsylvania barn before demolition. The large beam was sawed down to size and sanded to form the top of the table. A recycled metal pipe and flat sheet steel were cut by hand to form the base. A clear coating was applied to the entire table for a shiny finish. It is perfect for a decorative end table." You could also use it as a bar stool and keep in mind that each table will have a different look!

Size: 26.5”h x 13”w x 7.5”d

Barn Beam Console Table

So many condo owners are asking me where to find interesting console tables for their very small foyer, but they want something that is unique and has personality as well as something handmade- well, here it is- a console, entry or sofa table made with reclaimed wood and recycled farm machinery steel.” This table originated from beams that were rescued from a Pennsylvania barn before demolition. The beams were sawed into pieces, sanded, and then joined together with a large bolt. The base is made with two pieces of recycled steel hoops bent into shape.

Recycled Tractor Hood Table

“This bar or entry table is made from the hood of a recycled Allis Chalmers 180 tractor.
Handmade in PA by Ben Gatski, each table features one tractor hood to form the base, with a new piece of US made10 gauge steel top. It can be used indoors or outdoors – perfect as an entry table or great for holding drinks on the patio. The table has adjustable chrome feet – perfect for any surface.”

Size: 34” high by 40” wide by 12.5” deep.

Barn Loft Table

These stools are absolutely gorgeous! And how great that Ben and Kate thought about “multifunctional “ ! “Modern lines blend with a rich agricultural history in this statement end table. Beams were rescued from a Pennsylvania Barn before demolition. They were sawed into pieces and sanded and a piece of recycled steel was cut and shaped into place. A clear coating was applied to the entire table for a shiny finish.

It can be used as side table or end table to keep your reading material beneath or is even great for holding drinks on the patio..."

Size: 22”h x 10.5”w x 10.5”d

Perfect Details for your Holidays Decor!

A simple and elegant lantern for holiday decorating. Each one is handcrafted in Pennsylvania with recycled farm machinery steel. The lantern comes with a votive candle.
The metal is sealed with a water-based enamel. This piece can be hung inside or out. Each one will have subtle variations. They are cut by hand and each piece of metal has slight color differences.

When it comes to unique loft spaces decor items, mixing old with new and some of your best travel findings is the easiest way to go!

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